Girl Racer

A lamp post yesterday. It was unavailable for comment.

The following may or may not be true: I read a story the other day that shocked me. I don’t shock easily, and shouldn’t really get shocked any more in a world where nobody gives a toss about anybody or anything, but hey, I still have some lingering vestiges of humanity kicking tin cans around the lonely streets of my social conscience.

It is the story of a terminally stupid 17 year old girl who, entirely of her own free will, got into a stolen car with an even more stupid and selfish 18 year old girl, as she proceeded to drive it like the arrogant twat she was after a drinking and drugs binge. (yoof cultcha, right on)

The termially stupid 17 year old texted her boyfriend as they went hurtling around the streets, presumably putting dozens of innocent lives at risk “I ain’t lyin’ baby, if i die, believe me, you were the one.”  Where to start? barely out of puberty, the kid didn’t even have the sense to decline a lift from her friend the drug-crazed car-thief, yet she knew who was ‘the one.’  This sad excuse thought she was living a movie. Ironically she was right, only the movie was called “Crash and Burn.”

She died of course, as the twatess who was driving ploughed the car into a lamp-post. It should come as no surprise that this incident happened near Croydon, if you’ve seen pictures of the London riots.

And get this, the bird who killed her ‘friend’ unfortunately survived and was actually ABUSIVE to Police as they arrived on the scene and refused a breath test.!!!!

So, let’s be clear here, on my stance. I have no sympathy for the stupid girl who accepted the lift, and even less for the murderess who escaped with her life. I wish she’d ‘become one’ with the lamp-post as well.  She is a worthless piece of trash who doesn’t deserve to draw another breath.

Still, we can take comfort that the Courts would hand down a sentence befitting the crime, can’t we? Wrong. The bitch got three and a half lousy years. You couldn’t make it up.


Kev Moore

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