An Englishman’s home is his Castle, or , I’ll take a stab at it……..

"...I'm quite certain I only used necessary force, officer...."

A Manchester Father was being questioned by Police last night after stabbing to death an intruder who broke into his home. He is being held on suspicion of murder. Now, call me contentious, but it seems to me the newspaper article that brings us this story is laden with phrases like “large detached house”, “affluent area”, “gold maserati”, ” silver range-rover”, and “personalized plates”.

Are they, in a roundabout way, telling us this guy asked for the intrusion, because he was rich and successful? If so, it is one more example of the sickness that pervades today’s society, where people believe everything is theirs by right, to take without work or sacrifice.

Let me say unequivocally, any toe-rag that decides to enter someone else’s house uninvited to help themselves deserves what’s coming to them. I only mourn the fact that this 33 year old family man didn’t have a pitchfork to hand so he could have stabbed the twat’s miserable accomplice at the same time.  So, I ask the Police, what part of this investigation is a problem for you?  Not only should you ensure that you let the guy go IMMEDIATELY, he should receive a public service award for a) defending his property, and b) ridding the world of one more piece of shit from our shoes.

Apparently, it is the third such incident in the area in the past three months. The previous two also resulted in a cull of local scumbags. What a result! This is WAY more effective than Policing!

So, to Vincent Cooke, Peter Flanagan, and 72 year-old Florist Cecil Coley,  I SALUTE YOU!

You are true British heroes, ridding the streets of garbage.

(Cecil, I hope you didn’t give them a discount on the wreath)

Kev Moore

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