vandalising moronic bastards

You won’t hear this one on the radio.  We got home from our lovely 6 week trip to Cyprus and Crete to find someone had spray painted big frigging red lines under every bannister on our communal stairwell, three floors, all the way to the top. So listen up, all you trendy arty twats out there: GRAFFITI IS NOT ART. IT IS CRIMINAL FUCKING DAMAGE.

If I ever actually found the piece of scum doing this in my building, The spray can would be jammed permanently on, shoved up their arse, and I’d break their arms. And no, I’m not joking. Let’s see if they could paint something fucking interesting then. “duh, yeah, I created this during my ‘bloody stump’ period”  Moronic, mindless bastards, doubtless brought up by similarly minded morons.

Perhaps the parents would get the message if I tracked them down to the tenements where they live and I spray painted their mother.

So next time some twat in a hoodie gets an award for some ‘street’ bollocks, just remember, he’s just a loser with a spray can, and zero respect.

Maybe we can continue encouraging them to try and spray the train carriages, at least then there’s half a chance some of the pondlife will be culled in the process.

Kev Moore

Bloody Mental

Of COURSE he's insane, you idiots! Now just do everybody a favour and shoot the bastard.

No -I’m not talking about the idiot shit-for-brains psychiatrist’s assessment of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik.  I’m talking about the decision itself. How the hell can anybody declare this guy not fit for trial????  F*cking academics!! Up their own arse. You just knew the lily-livered liberals would win this one didn’t you? Arguing the pros and cons of whether he’s insane is bordering on the asinine. Of course he’s insane!! He killed a shit-load of innocent people!  But you don’t put the animal in hospital, you exterminate him. One of the excuses being put forward regarding his almost certain hospitalization is that it will prevent him from becoming a martyr in prison, spreading his extremism. Yeah? I’ll tell you what prevents most things, as he all too clearly illustrated – a bullet in the head. The only thing good enough for him. I’m sure the Norwegian taxpayer (one of the most heavily taxed in the world) would be happy to stump up the cost of a bullet, as opposed to a lifetime of cushiness in a comfy private mental institution. I just hope one of the parents does the right thing. Of course, if they got caught, they couldn’t plead insanity, because quite clearly, it’s the rational thing to do. You put down rabid dogs, everybody knows that.

Kev Moore

Every economic cloud has a silver lining…………..

This site certainly understands more than most the reasons for, and moreover the NEED to moan about how crap everything is. And everything is really crap right now. The Euro in your pocket’s value is plummeting so fast that by the end of the week you’re gonna need a frickin’ wheelbarrow to carry enough to the shop just to buy a goddamn Mars bar – and that’s only if Mars haven’t gone into liquidation, or been sold to the Chinese.

Hell, things are so bad you can buy a house around here for two bloody mars bars, and that’s detached (the house, not the chocolate confection)

A Mars bar yesterday. If you only have one, you'll have to rent.

But fear not, dear mug punter and unwitting pawn of Western democracy and Baker’s beeyatch,  good things are beginning to emerge from this economic hell-hole. That last bastion of Western European terrorism, and refuge for pointless freedom fighters, ETA, is reeling on the brink of collapse. Yep, that’s right, this is an equal opportunities crisis and makes no distinction between the sun-baked tourist and the strange little man with the beret and the pillowcase on his head and the funny language who wants to blow him all to bits. It seems that ETA’s finances are so bad, they only look able to survive for about a year, and according to Police sources are ‘scraping the barrel.’ Exactly what that means, I’m not sure – are they buying a lower class of grenade? Anyhow, their campaign of urban violence is on the wane, and arrests are on the up – 46 since the beginning of the year, and desperate to forestall the inevitable, ETA’s leaders have declared a permanent ceasefire. Now if only we can get the U.S.A. and Britain to do that……..

Kev Moore

Can somebody tell me what a Youth Referral Order is? – A legacy of the riots……

I’m hoping most of these toe-rags have been caught – if not, and you recognize them, please help get them locked up.

I have a sneaking suspicion it is actually nothing at all. Some pre-pubescent little twat of a girl from Nottingham aged 11, decided to take a trip from her Foster home to hurl bricks at Mc Donald’s in Nottingham city centre, during the recent and shameful British riots. Apparently she smirked in court and refused to apologize for what she’d done. Her “Father” (I’m unclear as to whether this means her real Dad or the poor sod who has the misfortune to foster her) said she wanted to say sorry. But clearly, the vicious little brat wants nothing of the sort. The judge has given her A YOUTH REFERRAL ORDER, so she can “reflect on the seriousness of what she has done.” Is he having a laugh????   This waste of humanity doesn’t give a flying one about what’s she’s done, what’s she’s going to do, or anyone else.

What lesson is this namby-pamby kid-gloves mentality society teaching her? I’ll tell you what. It’s telling her “You can pretty much get away with anything.” – just as the torturers and murderers of young Jamie Bulger learned that their actions won them a one to one first class education and a new life under new identities.

Please, Mr. Cameron, stay true to your words, “If you’re old enough to commit the crime, you’re old enough to be punished.” Call me old-fashioned, but somebody needs to take this little shit by the scruff of the neck and scare the living daylights out of her.  Or maybe we should just give her a council house and benefits, eh?

(The photo was published in the Daily Mail, but I’m hoping they won’t mind me showing the faces of this scum to a few more people.)

Kev Moore

(This article was first published in Cafe Crem)

First the riots, and now this…Britain stakes its claim as a Third World Nation:Child Cage Fighters

Just when you think we can’t sink any lower, conclusive proof that the country of my birth has finally become morally bankrupt. I don’t want to hear another word from bleating ‘activisits’ about kids making Nike trainers in sweat-shops until this horrendous “sport” is stamped out ON OUR DOORSTEP!

Children, some as young as 5 years old, are being put into cages to fight for the privilege of adults and for betting purposes. Scantily clad models parade around the ring introducing the rounds as they would in a boxing match. This is sick, merciless exploitation, and is CHILD ABUSE by any other name.  You’d be forgiven for thinking this happened behind some seedy opium den in 19th century Shanghai, but no – it’s now, in 2011 in a Labour club in Preston.  It’s grim up North, all right.

It hit the papers today, and if the Government hasn’t closed it down for good and arrested all responsible by this evening, I’ll want to know why. The fights are organised by ‘professional’ cage fighter Steven Nightingale, a 28 year old moron who cleary has been dealt too many blows to his thick f*cking head. Wake up, you mindless twat! This is utterly wrong. You’re the one who belongs in a frigging cage, preferably Wormwood Scrubs. You’re a modern day Bill Sykes, and what you do makes me sick to my stomach.

Then of course, one wonders about the parents…and you KNOW what they are, probably lazy fat good-for-nothings on the dole, 40 fags a day and a 6 pack of McKewans every night: “Go on my son! My lad’s harder than your lad!” These people should be sterilized. You need a licence to own a dog, but any brain-dead neanderthal can father a child. Any parent that allows their child to do this should be locked up along with the twat who promotes the fights. With any luck, they’ll fight each other and kill two birds with one stone.

If ever I doubted it, the country I left over seven years ago no longer exists.

Kev Moore

An Englishman’s home is his Castle, or , I’ll take a stab at it……..

"...I'm quite certain I only used necessary force, officer...."

A Manchester Father was being questioned by Police last night after stabbing to death an intruder who broke into his home. He is being held on suspicion of murder. Now, call me contentious, but it seems to me the newspaper article that brings us this story is laden with phrases like “large detached house”, “affluent area”, “gold maserati”, ” silver range-rover”, and “personalized plates”.

Are they, in a roundabout way, telling us this guy asked for the intrusion, because he was rich and successful? If so, it is one more example of the sickness that pervades today’s society, where people believe everything is theirs by right, to take without work or sacrifice.

Let me say unequivocally, any toe-rag that decides to enter someone else’s house uninvited to help themselves deserves what’s coming to them. I only mourn the fact that this 33 year old family man didn’t have a pitchfork to hand so he could have stabbed the twat’s miserable accomplice at the same time.  So, I ask the Police, what part of this investigation is a problem for you?  Not only should you ensure that you let the guy go IMMEDIATELY, he should receive a public service award for a) defending his property, and b) ridding the world of one more piece of shit from our shoes.

Apparently, it is the third such incident in the area in the past three months. The previous two also resulted in a cull of local scumbags. What a result! This is WAY more effective than Policing!

So, to Vincent Cooke, Peter Flanagan, and 72 year-old Florist Cecil Coley,  I SALUTE YOU!

You are true British heroes, ridding the streets of garbage.

(Cecil, I hope you didn’t give them a discount on the wreath)

Kev Moore

Girl Racer

A lamp post yesterday. It was unavailable for comment.

The following may or may not be true: I read a story the other day that shocked me. I don’t shock easily, and shouldn’t really get shocked any more in a world where nobody gives a toss about anybody or anything, but hey, I still have some lingering vestiges of humanity kicking tin cans around the lonely streets of my social conscience.

It is the story of a terminally stupid 17 year old girl who, entirely of her own free will, got into a stolen car with an even more stupid and selfish 18 year old girl, as she proceeded to drive it like the arrogant twat she was after a drinking and drugs binge. (yoof cultcha, right on)

The termially stupid 17 year old texted her boyfriend as they went hurtling around the streets, presumably putting dozens of innocent lives at risk “I ain’t lyin’ baby, if i die, believe me, you were the one.”  Where to start? barely out of puberty, the kid didn’t even have the sense to decline a lift from her friend the drug-crazed car-thief, yet she knew who was ‘the one.’  This sad excuse thought she was living a movie. Ironically she was right, only the movie was called “Crash and Burn.”

She died of course, as the twatess who was driving ploughed the car into a lamp-post. It should come as no surprise that this incident happened near Croydon, if you’ve seen pictures of the London riots.

And get this, the bird who killed her ‘friend’ unfortunately survived and was actually ABUSIVE to Police as they arrived on the scene and refused a breath test.!!!!

So, let’s be clear here, on my stance. I have no sympathy for the stupid girl who accepted the lift, and even less for the murderess who escaped with her life. I wish she’d ‘become one’ with the lamp-post as well.  She is a worthless piece of trash who doesn’t deserve to draw another breath.

Still, we can take comfort that the Courts would hand down a sentence befitting the crime, can’t we? Wrong. The bitch got three and a half lousy years. You couldn’t make it up.


Kev Moore

Parking Twats

"Oh yeah, buddy, you're gonna crash and BURN...."

Some dude designs a car park, right?  Not rocket science, a big ol’ piece of asphalt, (or concrete, if that’s your bag) – slop out a few tins of white paint and carefully delineate the parking bays, making them car-sized. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy, right? Right. So far so good. Then along comes Johnny Motorista.  So full of himself is he, oh yeah, he’s the f*cking man, and EVERYTHING he does is more important than anything all you other poor swamp things out their in la-la land have in your miserable little lives, he doesn’t even LOOK at the white lines, he parks across them, or diagonal, or blocks someone in, in fact he’ll do every goddam thing EXCEPT park between the lines, BECAUSE HE’S A TWAT.

Let me see if I can convey the depth of my hatred for these vacuous, self-important pieces of shit. If I watched them drive out of the car park, smash into a lamp post on their way out, and lie slumped over their steering wheel, broken and bleeding to death, I would walk over, point and laugh BEFORE I decided not to call for an ambulance.

Kev Moore

Fashion Victim

I took this shot at Alicante airport the other week.  the guy had it coming. What is it with some people?  Is there some gene that automatically switches on when you’re 65 that screams “I’m going to look like a twat”?

Who the hell told this drongo that wearing black dress shoes and black three-quarter length socks in 40 degree heat with shorts would LOOK GOOD?  What was he thinking??  I wanted to scream at him: “Oi! Old bloke, Noooooooooooo!!!!”, but being a reasonable man I just took his picture instead so I could ridicule him in front of millions. The shorts are more than a little voluminous, and probably date back to when he was on the front line at El Alamein. Perhaps, if fate is kind, he’ll see this and start wearing trousers. Or burn his socks. The wife’s no better. She’s wearing the bloody curtains.

Kev Moore