Kev Moore is a professional musician of some 33 years standing. He has appeared in stadiums and on TV all over the world, performing at venues as diverse as Moscow Dynamo Stadium in Russia and CBGB’s in New York. He has completed two European tours as a member of Graham Oliver’s Saxon, and guested on Graham’s solo album ‘End of an Era’.  He was a member of Broadcaster and Journalist Garry Bushell’s punk band The Gonads, touring the U.S.A. and appearing on three albums and two videos with them. For around 25 years he has been the bass player in Worldwide Number one “Yellow River” hitmakers CHRISTIE, and continues to tour with them. He is also the lead vocalist and bassist with Glam Rock revivalists BC SWEET, and has penned the new single from their forthcoming album. He also has a burgeoning solo career with several projects to his credit, including The Long Walk Home, and The Songwriter Diaries, 2 full albums both available on the internet as FREE downloads, Fan Fayre for the Commons People, a project for his beloved Derby County Football Club, featuring an album full of DCFC related songs, and Blue Odyssey, his latest solo album, featuring 18 original songs inspired by his trip through the American music heartland.

You can follow Kev’s career more closely and visit his online shop by going to his dedicated music site  moore:music

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