Can somebody tell me what a Youth Referral Order is? – A legacy of the riots……

I’m hoping most of these toe-rags have been caught – if not, and you recognize them, please help get them locked up.

I have a sneaking suspicion it is actually nothing at all. Some pre-pubescent little twat of a girl from Nottingham aged 11, decided to take a trip from her Foster home to hurl bricks at Mc Donald’s in Nottingham city centre, during the recent and shameful British riots. Apparently she smirked in court and refused to apologize for what she’d done. Her “Father” (I’m unclear as to whether this means her real Dad or the poor sod who has the misfortune to foster her) said she wanted to say sorry. But clearly, the vicious little brat wants nothing of the sort. The judge has given her A YOUTH REFERRAL ORDER, so she can “reflect on the seriousness of what she has done.” Is he having a laugh????   This waste of humanity doesn’t give a flying one about what’s she’s done, what’s she’s going to do, or anyone else.

What lesson is this namby-pamby kid-gloves mentality society teaching her? I’ll tell you what. It’s telling her “You can pretty much get away with anything.” – just as the torturers and murderers of young Jamie Bulger learned that their actions won them a one to one first class education and a new life under new identities.

Please, Mr. Cameron, stay true to your words, “If you’re old enough to commit the crime, you’re old enough to be punished.” Call me old-fashioned, but somebody needs to take this little shit by the scruff of the neck and scare the living daylights out of her.  Or maybe we should just give her a council house and benefits, eh?

(The photo was published in the Daily Mail, but I’m hoping they won’t mind me showing the faces of this scum to a few more people.)

Kev Moore

(This article was first published in Cafe Crem)