Off topic: Are we not men? Gird your ample loins!

Art by Miki

Derby County. My team. Tonight. The most important match of the season. Never mind all that Liverpool-Everton nonsense. This is the real meat and potatoes.

And so dear friends, it is upon us. The only one that matters. For the team that raise their muddy standard from the mire will have the bragging rights entire, no matter what the season holds, as clubs’ financial follys fold so many onto footballs funeral pyre.

But this one game, of two halves, Brian
With hearts of steel and will of iron
Sees battle of the horn’ed ones (oo-er missus)
joined with trent ends orphaned sons
So let us stomp the garibaldi red
Into our hallowed pride park turf
And sieze this game for all its worth
With Forest, left for dead.


so join with me now, one and all, an optimistic clarion call, for I for one won’t predict loss, I don’t care whose the bloody boss, or who plays where with whom, or what, and tactics? I care not a jot. Considered? Bunkum! No, not I
Im Derby…..DERBY til I die.

I think it’s a good time to remember our legendary victory over our bitterest rivals (Nottingham Forest)earlier in the season, when I  felt compelled to record a version of “Wish you were Here” to commemorate it! You can download it here:

Kev Moore