The Spanish Economy – an idiot’s view….

“The Euro casts a shadow over Spain……can you see what I did there?”

It had to happen, my take on why the Spanish economy (and everybody else’s) has gone totally and utterly tits up.  I know its more Bananarama than Panorama, but hell, everybody has an opinion, and here’s mine….Just click on the player to hear this BayRadio rant from a couple of weeks ago in its entirety. Don’t forget, you can also listen live to Bay Radio by clicking on the appropriate icon. My next live broadcast will be around 2130 CET on The Sunset Strip with Noelle on Friday night, repeated Sunday lunchtime on The Sunday Brunch. This week, I attack Pigeons. Never let it be said that I shy away from a broad remit.

Kev Moore

Greece is the Turd

Hello everybody peeps - want to buy a second-hand kebab?

I thought I heard that in a song somewhere…….but really, Greece has become that nasty something you want to scrape off the bottom of your shoe, the embarrassing smell at the Vicar’s tea party, your black sheep brother who gambles away the family jewels. We should cut this loser, bankrupt nation loose right now. They can’t organize a piss-up in a brewery and it’s dragging the rest of Europe along with it. All our savings take a huge nosedive anytime one of these popodopolopololopous’s so much as farts.  Now they want a referendum!!! there’s nothing to say!  You’ve got your country in the shit, YOU get out of it, but in the meantime, stay the hell away from the rest of us! European unity my arse, you’re on your own Stavros , old pal.

Kev Moore

Every economic cloud has a silver lining…………..

This site certainly understands more than most the reasons for, and moreover the NEED to moan about how crap everything is. And everything is really crap right now. The Euro in your pocket’s value is plummeting so fast that by the end of the week you’re gonna need a frickin’ wheelbarrow to carry enough to the shop just to buy a goddamn Mars bar – and that’s only if Mars haven’t gone into liquidation, or been sold to the Chinese.

Hell, things are so bad you can buy a house around here for two bloody mars bars, and that’s detached (the house, not the chocolate confection)

A Mars bar yesterday. If you only have one, you'll have to rent.

But fear not, dear mug punter and unwitting pawn of Western democracy and Baker’s beeyatch,  good things are beginning to emerge from this economic hell-hole. That last bastion of Western European terrorism, and refuge for pointless freedom fighters, ETA, is reeling on the brink of collapse. Yep, that’s right, this is an equal opportunities crisis and makes no distinction between the sun-baked tourist and the strange little man with the beret and the pillowcase on his head and the funny language who wants to blow him all to bits. It seems that ETA’s finances are so bad, they only look able to survive for about a year, and according to Police sources are ‘scraping the barrel.’ Exactly what that means, I’m not sure – are they buying a lower class of grenade? Anyhow, their campaign of urban violence is on the wane, and arrests are on the up – 46 since the beginning of the year, and desperate to forestall the inevitable, ETA’s leaders have declared a permanent ceasefire. Now if only we can get the U.S.A. and Britain to do that……..

Kev Moore