Balotelli – a child on man’s wages

....And so's my Agent................

So, following the latest in a string of incidents, the agent for this idiot has come out and said that Balotelli, the controversial Manchester City footballer, may be forced to quit English football after what he perceives is ‘unfair treatment’.

Yeah? See ya.

The agent then goes on to say it’s his duty to ‘protect and then take him away..”

Really? I thought it was your duty to swindle a club out of millions, siphon off a huge profit for very little effort and then move on to the next overpaid, under-educated thug. Manchester city’s manager is no better. It seems to be all the rage, Italians losing touch with reality, first Captain Schettino of the Costa Concordia, and now Roberto Mancini, who moans about too many fixtures when he’s got so many top-drawer players he can field to perfectly capable 11’s, and who unbelieveably tells the club they have to spend more. Hey Roberto! How about trying to manage instead of buy success? This isn’t The bloody Sopranos, you know.

The Beautiful game?  My arse.

Kev Moore

Tevez, grow up, you pathetic South American git!

I almost wept with joy when I discovered that Carlos Tevez, the vertically and aesthetically challenged South American ‘footballer’ (when he can be bothered) was fined 1.5 million for refusing to play. This fine actually might hurt his criminally overflowing wallet, and is more than just a token gesture. But what does the little git do? Instead of sucking it up, growing a pair and taking it like a man, it appears he is now ‘considering suing’ his boss, Roberto Mancini.  Unbelievable. A petulant child in a (albeit diminutive) man’s body.

If I was Mancini, and if the Football world was suddenly overcome with an attack of common sense, I’d tell him to piss off back to Argentina, and mind the door didn’t whack him on the arse on the way out. Pathetic.

Kev Moore

Did you know that if you re-arrange the letters of Carlos Tevez, add some, then take some away, it spells “LAZY TWAT”?

Did you know this little Argentinian oik earns quarter of a million pounds A WEEK, and can’t be bothered to get off his acne-ridden arse to help his team win a football match? It begs the question: “What is he for?” Right now, he’s demonstrated he’s about as effective as The General Belgrano. Let’s hope his contract has got as many holes in it – then they can fire his sorry ass.
In what part of their feeble brain do cossetted ‘sportsmen’ (excuse me while I find a bucket) think they have a right to do this? Whatever happened to obligation, honour, self-esteem?

Football’s meant to be a team game. What’s that old saying? There’s no “I” in team, No, …but if you look very carefully, there is a tosser.
Kev Moore