Leafblowers – Wind from the Devil’s anus

“I’m doing my bit for the environment…” “what?? I can’t hear you?”….”I said, I’M DOING MY BIT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!!!” A leafblower recently, failing to grasp the supreme irony.

Here’s an extract from my recent Friday night Bay Radio rant about Leafblowers:

“…Who the hell ever decided leaf-blowers were a good idea?  I mean, I get the need for inventors. You have folks around you dying of cancer and stuff, you feel the need to try and invent a cure, or  you can’t figure out how to get a screw to stay in a brick wall, so you invent a rawplug to help it stay there. You’re fed up with walking, or feeding the horse, you invent the car. I get it.

But a leaf blower???? In the name of all that’s holy – why???? ……”

(To hear the rest of this rant, click on the player below)

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Kev Moore