Fat Cat Euro-bastards with short memories

So FIFA, that bloated behemoth of world football has taken the outrageous decision to ban the wearing of poppies on England’s shirts for Saturday’s game against Spain. It’s about time somebody got hold of these lard-assed, bloated cigar-chomping European sycophants and beat some sense into them. The only reason they have the freedom to suck the game dry and fill their coffers with impunity is because millions of servicemen gave their lives to keep the world free. Europe should take a long hard look at itself. While most of it was rolling over and getting ready to take one, or worse, collaborating with the enemy and shopping their own, our Tommies were fighting to the death to free their pathetic ass-wipe countries from the tyranny they didnt have the stomach to deal with, so don’t come over here shouting the odds Blatter, we’ll have you for breakfast mate. Let us wear the poppies with pride, or we’ll bury your corrupt carcass neck deep in the Flanders mud.

Kev Moore