Balotelli – a child on man’s wages

....And so's my Agent................

So, following the latest in a string of incidents, the agent for this idiot has come out and said that Balotelli, the controversial Manchester City footballer, may be forced to quit English football after what he perceives is ‘unfair treatment’.

Yeah? See ya.

The agent then goes on to say it’s his duty to ‘protect and then take him away..”

Really? I thought it was your duty to swindle a club out of millions, siphon off a huge profit for very little effort and then move on to the next overpaid, under-educated thug. Manchester city’s manager is no better. It seems to be all the rage, Italians losing touch with reality, first Captain Schettino of the Costa Concordia, and now Roberto Mancini, who moans about too many fixtures when he’s got so many top-drawer players he can field to perfectly capable 11’s, and who unbelieveably tells the club they have to spend more. Hey Roberto! How about trying to manage instead of buy success? This isn’t The bloody Sopranos, you know.

The Beautiful game?  My arse.

Kev Moore

The death of the beautiful game?

It transpires that many of the owners of our Premier League Football* clubs – Americans, Thais, Russians, Arabs and God know who else, are ‘keen’ on the Franchise model for football. Oooh, all very modern and forward thinking, efficient and PROFITABLE I hear the blinkered among you cry. Let me elucidate. What it really means is, these fat-cat bloated parasites from every goddamn corner of the world who come by their money by fair means or foul, who are currently wallowing in the shit-pit of money that is our top division want to ensure that THEIR teams always have their grubby little hands on the prize. Yep, that’s right – they’re considering abolishing relegation from the Premier League.

If such an unthinkable option is made reality, you can kiss goodbye to the last vestiges of a game that is barely able to call itself a sport anymore. You might as well walk into every Championship ground in the country with a scattergun and take out fans, chairmen and players alike, because ultimately, there will be no point in playing anymore.

Don’t these stupid corpulent pin-striped, cigar chomping bureaucratic ignoramus’ get it???? IT’S SUICIDE!!!!

But the game as we once knew it is dying, and has been for a long time. Many fans, myself included – who follow Championship teams, actually enjoy the division, because it’s still the closest thing to how Football used to be, but if there is no hope of advancement and the chance to get your hands on a piece of the big pie, what’s it all for?  Why should the ‘haves’ always be able to piss on the ‘have nots’ from a great height?   They may have been able to amass a fortune in their business world by back-stabbing, cheating, lying and shafting everybody and his grandmother. God knows how many starving Russians a certain London club’s success is built upon…..but we need to draw a line. And if the Man U’s, Chelsea’s & Man City’s of this world go for this, I say kick their arses all the way to Abu Dhabi and they can damn well play there. leave the REAL game to us. I’ll not shed a tear.


Kev Moore

* For the Americans amongst you, it’s played with a round ball and no body armour….