Fashion Victim

I took this shot at Alicante airport the other week.  the guy had it coming. What is it with some people?  Is there some gene that automatically switches on when you’re 65 that screams “I’m going to look like a twat”?

Who the hell told this drongo that wearing black dress shoes and black three-quarter length socks in 40 degree heat with shorts would LOOK GOOD?  What was he thinking??  I wanted to scream at him: “Oi! Old bloke, Noooooooooooo!!!!”, but being a reasonable man I just took his picture instead so I could ridicule him in front of millions. The shorts are more than a little voluminous, and probably date back to when he was on the front line at El Alamein. Perhaps, if fate is kind, he’ll see this and start wearing trousers. Or burn his socks. The wife’s no better. She’s wearing the bloody curtains.

Kev Moore