vandalising moronic bastards

You won’t hear this one on the radio.  We got home from our lovely 6 week trip to Cyprus and Crete to find someone had spray painted big frigging red lines under every bannister on our communal stairwell, three floors, all the way to the top. So listen up, all you trendy arty twats out there: GRAFFITI IS NOT ART. IT IS CRIMINAL FUCKING DAMAGE.

If I ever actually found the piece of scum doing this in my building, The spray can would be jammed permanently on, shoved up their arse, and I’d break their arms. And no, I’m not joking. Let’s see if they could paint something fucking interesting then. “duh, yeah, I created this during my ‘bloody stump’ period”  Moronic, mindless bastards, doubtless brought up by similarly minded morons.

Perhaps the parents would get the message if I tracked them down to the tenements where they live and I spray painted their mother.

So next time some twat in a hoodie gets an award for some ‘street’ bollocks, just remember, he’s just a loser with a spray can, and zero respect.

Maybe we can continue encouraging them to try and spray the train carriages, at least then there’s half a chance some of the pondlife will be culled in the process.

Kev Moore