Bloody Mental

Of COURSE he's insane, you idiots! Now just do everybody a favour and shoot the bastard.

No -I’m not talking about the idiot shit-for-brains psychiatrist’s assessment of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik.  I’m talking about the decision itself. How the hell can anybody declare this guy not fit for trial????  F*cking academics!! Up their own arse. You just knew the lily-livered liberals would win this one didn’t you? Arguing the pros and cons of whether he’s insane is bordering on the asinine. Of course he’s insane!! He killed a shit-load of innocent people!  But you don’t put the animal in hospital, you exterminate him. One of the excuses being put forward regarding his almost certain hospitalization is that it will prevent him from becoming a martyr in prison, spreading his extremism. Yeah? I’ll tell you what prevents most things, as he all too clearly illustrated – a bullet in the head. The only thing good enough for him. I’m sure the Norwegian taxpayer (one of the most heavily taxed in the world) would be happy to stump up the cost of a bullet, as opposed to a lifetime of cushiness in a comfy private mental institution. I just hope one of the parents does the right thing. Of course, if they got caught, they couldn’t plead insanity, because quite clearly, it’s the rational thing to do. You put down rabid dogs, everybody knows that.

Kev Moore

Every economic cloud has a silver lining…………..

This site certainly understands more than most the reasons for, and moreover the NEED to moan about how crap everything is. And everything is really crap right now. The Euro in your pocket’s value is plummeting so fast that by the end of the week you’re gonna need a frickin’ wheelbarrow to carry enough to the shop just to buy a goddamn Mars bar – and that’s only if Mars haven’t gone into liquidation, or been sold to the Chinese.

Hell, things are so bad you can buy a house around here for two bloody mars bars, and that’s detached (the house, not the chocolate confection)

A Mars bar yesterday. If you only have one, you'll have to rent.

But fear not, dear mug punter and unwitting pawn of Western democracy and Baker’s beeyatch,  good things are beginning to emerge from this economic hell-hole. That last bastion of Western European terrorism, and refuge for pointless freedom fighters, ETA, is reeling on the brink of collapse. Yep, that’s right, this is an equal opportunities crisis and makes no distinction between the sun-baked tourist and the strange little man with the beret and the pillowcase on his head and the funny language who wants to blow him all to bits. It seems that ETA’s finances are so bad, they only look able to survive for about a year, and according to Police sources are ‘scraping the barrel.’ Exactly what that means, I’m not sure – are they buying a lower class of grenade? Anyhow, their campaign of urban violence is on the wane, and arrests are on the up – 46 since the beginning of the year, and desperate to forestall the inevitable, ETA’s leaders have declared a permanent ceasefire. Now if only we can get the U.S.A. and Britain to do that……..

Kev Moore