About Kev Moore

Kev is a Professional Musician, Artist and Writer. He performs all over the world with 70’s bands CHRISTIE and BC SWEET and has a regular column and comic strip in THE SENTINELLA magazine in Spain. Given that he’s worked with both James Whale and Garry Bushell during his career, it’s no surprise that he’s outspoken! He’s also prone to get quite pissed off about War, Religion, Slow drivers, Crazy people, Normal people, Peace, God, Crap music…..well, he’s prone to get pissed off about pretty much everything really. If you want to come see where he ‘vents’ – this is the place to be! You can now hear him every Friday night  on BAYRADIO 9.30PM CET, presenting The Friday Night Rant on The Sunset Strip with Noelle. If you want to know what he does when he’s a little calmer, visit mooremusic

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