Airline Etiquette – check out last week’s BayRadio rant!

For those of you who don’t yet know, I have a weekly spot on BayRadio, which serves the Spanish costas, and the wider world via the web.

– And here’s another opportunity for you to listen to last Friday’s rant – with a difference!  This one also features a song, “Fly Me Baby” specially written for the subject. You can sing along – the lyrics are printed below! I went for a Randy Newman, tongue-in-cheek kind of style. Hope you like it!  Anyway, after you’ve checked it out on the player below, don’t forget to listen in on Friday night at 9.30pm CET for my latest rant on The Sunset Strip with Noelle. If you miss it, it will now be regularly repeated with Noelle & Bob on The Sunday Brunch around 11.30am CET. To listen in anywhere in the world, click on the ‘LISTEN LIVE’ link.


Fly me baby it’s a minefield out there
Fly me baby tell me what is the fare?
I’m ticking all the boxes
Ive forgotten only one
and I’ve paid for skis Ive never had
and someone else’s son

Fly me baby speedy boarding my ass
Give me a wheelchair I’ll get on just as fast
They’re always bleating they’re on time, and that they’re the best
But trust me, you cannot be late when you haven’t even left

Fly me baby you can buy their own bag
It seems that lately though there’s one little snag:

They say that my bag’s dimensions
Are all that I need to get by
But how come the extra attention
Then they hit me with a fine
Cos I brought an extra tie (are you gonna let me fly?)

Fly me baby take a notion from me
On the internet, nothin’s for free
If you decide to go abroad, wander from home
You’ll get to where you wanna go
A little quicker don’tcha know…
…by phone.

Fly me baby……..(repeat)

Words and Music © Kev Moore 2011

Kev Moore

2 responses to “Airline Etiquette – check out last week’s BayRadio rant!

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  2. Just trying to get my head round this website. Agree with all you have to say about airlines these days.Got 7 flights before I arrive at Stansted on 22nd November,and that’s not with B.A. or Cathay Pacific. First starts with R as well as R at the end and the other is with E T start and finish although not so bad.Those 2 footballers are a waste of space and their clubs would not miss them one little bit.Plenty more Premier league talent out there to win games.Heard your rant on the link and will try to tune in again when I can on a Friday live or on your link.Hope to catch you play in the U.K. or Euroland if you are around with BC Sweet or other gigs before March.Best wishes……..Tony

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